5 Star review

We are humbled to have received such a great review from The London Film Review. 5 Stars – 5!!!
To pull out a couple of our favourite quotes..

Let me preface this review by saying that I’m generally very wary of handing out five-star reviews, partly because of the high expectations that then result – I think to date this is the fourth I’ve awarded.

Rushing along from that point, Night Vision Experiment drags you in almost before you realise what is happening. As fresh as The Blair Witch Project was back in the day, Night Vision Experiment delivers a unique experience.

Saying more about the plot would give too much away, but at its heart Night Vision Experiment is a good old-fashioned horror yarn that utilizes twitter, youtube and some mocked up websites to tell its story – and it is very, very effective.

With an added interactive quality in that you can tweet to the characters (if you have the wherewithal to do so, though I confess I was so absorbed in watching and clicking that it didn’t actually occur to me), Night Vision Experiment feels about as real as it can get. For jaded horror fans, Night Vision Experiment puts the creep back into horror and you’ll be hard pressed not to feel that you are watching real events as they are occurring.

A big, bold and successful experiment, book a ticket now because Night Vision Experiment has limited performances and is going to be one of those cult things that people talk about years from now. It’s very very rare that you’ll find me wishing for a sequel. I’d be down for Night Vision Experiment 2 – or whatever new storyline utilizing this brave new format the creators can come up with. Top stuff.

Amazing, inspring stuff. So nice to know we are managing to scare people!

Hope we can scare you all again very soon.

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