A new type of digital storytelling

The Nightvision Experiment is a completely new way to tell a story.


The story unfolds on Twitter in a 50-60min window, with live actors playing the characters, much like a theatre production.

Caroline is tweeting about her missing friend. When YouTube clips start to appear online things start to get frightening.

You find yourself as a voyeur watching Caroline and her friends' mounting panic…will you help? or will fear paralyse you?

Tickets are limited so book your ticket and a character will contact you 24hrs before the performance starts.

"A cult in the making" - Book your tickets now.

A secret story

5 Star review

We are humbled to have received such a great review from The London Film Review. 5 Stars – 5!!! To pull out a couple of our favourite quotes.. Let me…

Nightvision #7 in Top 10 independent films 2013

What an amazing honour to be place in The London Film Review’s Top 10 Independent Films of 2013. We think that that is pretty exciting… apart from anything we’re not…

Theatre for the Facebook Generation

Keith Allen was talking about the production on Radio2. As part of the interview he called The Nightvision Experiment “Theatre for the Facebook Generation” this sort of stuck with us….

The Nightvision Experiment

The Nightvision Experiment is a unique experience. Characters on Twitter point you to YouTube clips and the action is unbelievably pacey. At times, it’s impossible to keep up as Caroline’s…