The Nightvision Experiment is a completely new way to tell a story.

The story unfolds as the characters uncover a dark mystery as streams of video appear online.

Caroline is messaging you about her missing friend. When video clips start to appear online things start to get frightening.

You find yourself as a voyeur watching Caroline and her friends' mounting panic…will you help? or will fear paralyse you?

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The Nightvision Experiment

How we got here The Nightvision Experiment is a unique experience. We started our journey several years ago with a small crowdfunding campaign. From the success of that we managed…

5 Star review

We are humbled to have received such a great review from The London Film Review. 5 Stars – 5!!! To pull out a couple of our favourite quotes.. Let me…

Nightvision #7 in Top 10 independent films

What an amazing honour to be placed in the The London Film Review’s Top 10 Independent Films We think that is pretty exciting… apart from anything we’re not even a…

Theatre for the Facebook Generation

Keith Allen was talking about the production on Radio2. As part of the interview he called The Nightvision Experiment “Theatre for the Facebook Generation” this sort of stuck with us….